Jeff Antoniuk Educator, Saxophonist

Jeff Antoniuk has been called a "Pied Piper of Jazz" for bringing jazz music and jazz workshops to people of all ages. He has been interviewed for radio, television, cable, newspapers and magazines and has a strong Internet presence. A composer, saxophonist and educator, he is best known in the United States and Canada. His music and progressive teaching methods have attracted listeners and students from many parts of the globe.

Antoniuk’s educational programs have been described in Downbeat Magazine, Jazziz, Jazz Times and JAZZed. A few articles and interviews are noted on this web site. An Internet search reveals many more.

"Jazz impresario Jeff Antoniuk Returns to Bowie with Jazz Band Masterclass"
by Kirsty Groff
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by Jeff Antoniuk
JAZZed, June/July 2007

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by Lisa Goldberg
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by David R. Adler
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by Avis Thomas-Lester
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