Jeff Antoniuk Educator, Saxophonist
Calling All Jazz Fanatics - Get Moving Ahead Fast!

Saxophonist and nationally acclaimed educator Jeff Antoniuk has been called the Pied Piper of East Coast Jazz. He works with seriously excited and driven adult students in jazz workshops, summer camps and classes, all specifically geared to adult students and semi-pros. Become the musician you have always dreamed of with help from Jeff and these programs:

Jazz Band Masterclass is the newest idea in jazz education, offering driven jazz musicians and adult students the chance to learn and play jazz the way it was meant to be played – in a small group combo setting. These classes and workshops were created to SPECIFICALLY serve adult amateurs and semi-professionals. Groups meet twice monthly at our two locations in the DC/MD/VA area, and perform in numerous public concerts. Check out our JBM Audition Groups and the Bridge Program as well.

Maryland Summer Jazz is one of the few jazz summer workshops in the country that was designed specifically to serve and meet the needs of ADULT jazz students. Each July, MSJ is one of the top rated adult jazz camps in country, with students traveling from around the world to work with our faculty of Grammy winners, recording artists and university professors.

Jazz Teacher Training is our newest project for PROFESSIONAL musicians and educators. It aims for nothing less than to connect and guide the wildly underserved adult amateur jazz community around North America. Through Jazz Teacher Training, Jeff Antoniuk is training jazz professionals (players, teachers, professors, recording artists) how to expand and hone their view of education and the music industry. Jeff’s vision is to connect jazz professionals with adult amateurs, and create a blue ocean of mutual opportunity, creativity and rapport.

Jeff Antoniuk on You Tube - Jeff has a strong jazz presence on both Face Book and his You Tube channel, “Jeff Antoniuk - Educator.” His “Jazz Process Series” captured the attention of pros and amateurs alike from around the world, and amassed tens of thousands of views in just a few months. New videos on practice techniques, performance concepts, and processes go up on a weekly basis. Subscribe Here!

To learn more about private instruction in person, or via Skype/Facetime and email, contact Jeff Antoniuk.